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Preconstruction Services Deliverables to be provided by Contractor include the following:


Needs Assessment:

  • Analysis of building code, zoning, conservation, historical or other restrictions.
  • Initial analysis of potential size, type, and complexity of project.
  • Establish preliminary construction budget.
  • Establish architectural design fees.
  • Establish engineering design fees.
  • Create preliminary schedule for approvals, permitting, and construction.
  • Coordinate with local utility providers (water, sewer, electric, phone, etc.).



  • Schematic Design: Sketches of various options based on the Needs Assessment and potential costs for each option.
  • Design Development: Final floor plans, elevations, sections, and 3D renderings of proposed project.
  • Construction Documents: Detailed structural and architectural drawings, electrical layout, etc., for permit, bidding, and construction.
  • Site and Landscape: Prepare detailed design for all site work and landscape construction documents.


Preconstruction & Estimating Services:

  • Propose alterations, additions, or revisions to plans provided by Owner.
  • Prepare coordination drawings required for bidding (electrical, lighting, cabinet, etc.).
  • Detailed material, fixture, and finish selections and specifications.
  • Obtain written estimates from major subcontractors and suppliers for the construction of the project.
  • Prepare detailed cost proposal and contract for construction of the project.

Tier 4 Package - Pre Construction Agreement

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