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  • Deck Dimensions: 24'x16' Deck with a 4’x4’ upper landing
  • Stairs: 4' wide, leading to existing grade
  • Foundation & Support:
    • 5 Diamond pier 50 footings with 63" pins
    • 5 6x6 treated deck support posts
  • Framing:
    • 2x10 treated framing @16” on center
    • Triple 2x10 treated dropped header system
    • 2x8 treated inlayed mid span blocking and sway bracing
    • All flat blocking, double joists, triple joists taped with barricade tape
  • Decking Material: Trex Transcends decking, including single picture frame, center splice board, and stair treads

Additional Deck Features:

  • Fasteners: All hidden fasteners
  • Stair Details: 1x8 Miratec stair risers
  • Deck Facia: 1x12 Miratec, 1x16 Miratec stair facia (closed skirts)
  • Railing: Aluminum 3" Westbury railing posts, Tuscany railings, and 3/4” square balusters (Black)

Included in Price:

  • Permit submittal, material, labor, painting of all Miratec, 3D designs, daily site clean-up, and one final clean at the end of the project.

Not Included:

  • Sprinkler line relocation, landscaping, bottom stair landing (if required).
  • Note: Price does not include permit price. Permits submitted by Minneapolis Decks.

Payment Terms:

  • 1/2 due at signing (secures start date)
  • 1/4 due after footings, framing, and material staging
  • Remaining 1/4 balance due after job completion
  • Note: Schedule based on deck build only. Add-ons may alter payment schedule.

24'x16' Deck (400 sq ft)

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