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Erik Larson

Cleanliness Technician

Erik Larson has been a crucial part of Minneapolis Decks LLC for three years as a Cleanliness Technician, ensuring job sites are organized and materials are readily available. His background in deck building and the procurement process supports the team's efficiency. Erik's dedication to maintaining clean job sites and his proactive approach in material handling significantly contribute to project success. His philosophy centers on assisting in delivering the best outcome for customers, highlighted by his pride in the comprehensive project for Anna, which included a porch, deck, and garage. Erik's hobbies, hunting and fishing, reflect his patience and focus, traits that enhance his professional role. His commitment to excellence, timely task completion, and ability to work harmoniously with anyone underscore the values of Minneapolis Decks LLC. Off the job, Erik enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and spending time with friends and family, showcasing his well-rounded life.

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