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Alex Knapp


As the founder and owner of Minneapolis Decks LLC since 2015, Alex Knapp has dedicated himself to transforming outdoor living spaces in the Southwest Minneapolis area. With a rich background in construction that began at the age of 12, Alex's journey through general carpentry, house framing, and various aspects of exterior and interior trim work culminates in over 15 years of industry experience. Holding a builder's license and possessing a profound expertise in project design using Chief Architect software, Alex brings visions to life with meticulous designs that allow customers to visualize their end product with clarity.


Under Alex's leadership, Minneapolis Decks LLC thrives on hard work, dedication, and a team-oriented approach that emphasizes sales, management, and innovative design. His philosophy as a consultant in the design and sales process ensures that each project is not just a transaction but a journey towards achieving the client's dream space. Through the use of BuilderTrend software, Alex guarantees effective communication, keeping clients informed with daily logs and weekly recaps, ensuring transparency and satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.


Beyond his professional pursuits, Alex is passionate about travel, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and architecture to influence his work. His commitment to excellence and customer experience is reflected in every deck, porch, and outdoor project Minneapolis Decks LLC undertakes, promising not just a service, but the realization of your dream deck. 

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